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WelcomeTo The Creation OfThe Next Earth Business Metaverse

At Next Earth we are building a digital community where knowledge and tech meets individuals and companies to create the Fair Digital Life of the future

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What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is not a VR world, VR is only a possible visulization format of the future content.

The Metaverse is an ecosystem, born on the principles of the Fair Digital Life to create and deliver a better digital future for humanity. A digital life, under your ownership with a fair and clear distribution model, in an environment created by the people and governed by them.

This ecosystem is built on four main pillars


Smart contract based, community focused web3 economy, where participants can interact with each other in a fair and clear way.

Like Facebook would redistribute majority of its income to the users who earned it for them.


We believe that Metaverse participants will be “Avatars”, fine tuned as your personal Ai. Creating this Avatar will be essential in harvesting the potential of this future ecosystem. It has to be 100% your ownership, and not being owned by any centralized web2 tech company.


Ai and new tech have brought content creation to a level where anything that we dream of will be easy to create, and will be created by the community itself. The Metaverse economy is needed so the creators of these new environments can benefit from their work.


There is no debate about the need of DAO Governance of the Metaverse. We believe that fine-tuned Ai’s and the AGI itself will be playing a key role in creating the ultimate metaverse government.

Spot of the Day

Category: Monuments

Check out the best lands, without taking your time to search through the Map of the Planet. Owning Next Earth Lands are important in multiple parts of the ecosystem, from Tier System classification, through Staking, to many other use cases emerging by time.

business incubator

Introducing Next Earth's Business Incubator

We IMAGINE, we BUILD, we LAUNCH, and we LEAD you to SUCCESS!

The opportunities in Web3 have started a new era for every company! From groundbreaking financing options to cutting-edge technological solutions, to community-centered growth, those who step in first can already count themselves among the winners!

We remember what it was like to enter the world of Web3 three years ago, and it wasn't easy. Our goal is to spare others from experiencing the tough parts. At Next Earth, we've developed an ecosystem capable of providing comprehensive assistance and support to any company looking to leverage Web3 opportunities.

Business Labs

Next Earth Labs maps out your project, whether it's a startup or a long-standing traditional economy business, and develops the most optimal strategy for you.

Project Launchpad

The Next Earth IDO Launchpad launches your project, whether it's through NFT or token issuance for financing, and connects you with the right service providers key to your success. Guaranteed Revenue and POST-FINANCING!!!

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Powering the Next Earth Ecosystem


NXTT (Next Earth Token) is the driving force behind the Next Earth Ecosystem. Think of it as the energy source that makes everything in our digital world go round. Every time NXTT is used, it adds value to the NXTT tokens. We have multiple directions where NXTT will get massive utility from.


NE Land

It’s where economic utility and virtual representation go hand in hand. From 3D-rendered worlds, whether realistic or fictional, to map-based games, our layer system can display it all. More than just visual representation, users can create their economies, interlinked with the genesis layer, offering interoperability and endless possibilities.


"Our objective is to develop numerous Dapps and projects using NXTT, Virtual Land, and our ecosystem. Successful projects can join the Next Earth incubation program. Upon achieving milestones, their NXTT-denominated token will be launched. Being part of the Next Earth ecosystem, a part of their turnover will support NXTT and be shared with the Next Earth Pool through our smart contract system, benefiting land and NXTT holders. 
Rewards vary by your Tier, staked NXTT and land burnt.”

Center of our Ecosystem

Next Earth Tier System

Your opportunities and influence within our project grows with the size of your land holdings and the amount of NXTT tokens you HODL. The higher your tier placement, the greater your opportunities to unlock the full potential of Next Earth.


Higher Staking Yields

Better WTE rewards

Enhanced Business

IDO Launchpad Token
Launch advantages

Special NFT Issuances

Higher Affiliate Rewards

NXTT - Next Earth Token

Fuel of the Next Earth ecosystem and an important asset determining the Tier level of Next Earth community members. Accumulate it, Stake it, Purchase with it.

01.27.2022Launch date

See the Next Earth Roadmap!

Developments up to this point made it possible to start business relations with third parties and offer them next level business solutions. We will soon begin the expansion of this process with the community.


Next Earth Metaverse Land Gift Card!

Our unique Gift Card can be the coolest present to anybody, and can be used to purchase any free territory on the surface of the Planet! This card can be used without any crypto experience!

873,195 USDT
in the charity pool

Environmental Charity Because
Earth Still Counts

At Next Earth we are dedicated to create a better digital future, and while doing so, we can’t forget about our existing physical planet. Our smart contract allocation system automatically sends 10% of all new land purchases to a Charity pool, that is voted upon by the DAO to decide what are the most important environmental charity issues that our community wishes to support.


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