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We wanted to create an “environmental support mechanism” that doesn’t have to ask for money all the time, but automatically donates large amounts of money to where it is needed the most.

The key is to create a platform that incubates and runs valid long term virtual businesses that generate large amounts of traffic and can support a continuous charitable purpose These are backed by global awareness and limitless possibilities to expand this vision forward.

It will be thanks to our unique tokenomics, along with allocational and motivational structures toward users, along with the whole community, that we are able to reach this goal. But we can also add charity features right from the beginning. The strategy of building this global sales and marketing platform is created in a way that is motivational for every person playing a role in any of the above phases or processes. Once the platform reaches a certain level of operation, and has proven itself through financial gains and successes, then the structure of allocations that was once backing the construction of the platform, can slowly shift toward it’s greater goal: becoming a platform with full scale support towards the environment.

It’s important to see that only those allocations that were supporting the forming and the development of the platform will be shifting towards charity purposes. Businesses will keep the possibility to thrive and create profit. The fact that they are based at Next Earth with their headquarters, can give them a reputation that could manifest inaccessible advantages when compared to the competition.

From the very beginning, the system will allocate a part of every transaction completed on Next Earth to the environmental support pool.

10% after every new LAND tile purchase.

1,5% after every second hand LAND trade.

1,5% after every resource and product trade.

1% as tax, after all business related transactions in Next Earth’s economy, apart from the one's above.

The amounts that are collected in this environmental support pool will be sent to environmental projects, as voted for by the DAO on a monthly basis.

Next Earth will also form The Next Earth Foundation in early 2022 Q1, which will be financed separately from the smart contract system, by direct contribution from the Next Earth team. We would like to show the way for other businesses how a thriving community and the owners of the business can support our planet. We are dedicated to making the world a better place and will put a lot of effort into making this as loud as possible.

  • This means that all allocations; after the first land purchase, reselling land, resources and product sales, and tax income will eventually be allocated to environmental charity purposes. Leaving only the functioning economy, it’s processes and businesses to operate. Every financial allocation that was used to support the creation of the platform and for the generation of extra profit, will be fully channelled to these purposes. This reallocation process will be linearly distributed through the 10 years between 2031 and 2041.
  • We would like to create not just a charity focused project for future generations, but also make sure it stays in the best hands and always benefits from the best decisions. The hands of a decentralised autonomous organization, in the hands of the crypto community, in the hands of Next Earth’s community.

From the first moments of Next Earth’s future history, DAO will be applying and voting for the distribution of the environmental support pool money. This means that the pool receives a continuous money inflow after every single transaction ever completed on Next Earth. The community will vote on how to distribute the content of the pool between different environmental charity organizations. A list will be generated from partners that Next Earth contacts before the start, and during the early times. The organizations on the list can be voted for once a month. The content of the pool will be distributed based on the DAO voting outcome. Any environmental organization or project can be recommended to this list by anybody from the community, and, along with the allocational votes, these new entries will also be voted on by the DAO on a monthly basis.

We would also love to see DAO come up with some of its own ideas, and maybe even take part in a reforestation project, or other special effectively focused but game changing events. The Next Earth Foundation will be happy to give extra support to such projects!

Next Earth’s community and team is dedicated to addressing environmental problems as much as possible from the early stages. We are trying to make it a mainstream information flow and activity, not just inside the community, but to reach as many supporters as possible, so if you would like to help the environmental community of Next Earth.

For more information about our Charity endeavors visit our Charity part of the WHITEPAPER.

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