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If we match, the following process will take place:

Next Earth WEB3 BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - Smart contract based ecosystem with Initial Map Offering - Implementation process

Preliminary Contract

  • Downpayment of $10,000
    • Preferred payment method - Crypto payment in USDT, but bank transfer can also be arranged via FIAT payment.
  • Requirement specification and feasibility assessment (1-2 weeks)
    • Precise survey of business requirements
      • Partner to provide us with their thoroughly developed business requirements/concept.
      • Processing, with further discussions if necessary.
    • Creation of a high-level technical integration plan
      • Technical consultation with the partner
      • The result is a document outlining the estimated architecture and duration of the development, as well as a preliminary cost estimate.
  • If no blockers are found during the requirement specification and feasibility assessment, the project is green-lit.


  • Completive payment of $20,000
    • Preferred payment method - Crypto payment in USDT, but bank transfer can also be arranged via FIAT payment.
      Final and detailed design of Business Architecture, Development, and Roadmap (2-3 weeks)
  • Business Architecture Design
    • Final detailed development of architecture based on existing documentation
    • Creation of detailed documentation on a mutually accepted platform
  • Planning Development Based on Architecture
    • Occurring in parallel with the development of the business architecture
    • Precise documentation of system change requirements due to business architecture
    • Precise documentation of unique requirements based on business architecture
    • The result is a development documentation and scheduling.
      • Estimation of development resources and costs
      • Definition of development milestones
      • Setting of payment schedule based on development milestones
  • Development of Roadmap based on the business architecture and development process
    • Development of the project implementation roadmap.

Ordering Development upon Contract Signing

  • Development and System Integration - (Depending on the business architecture and developed documentation, 4-6 weeks)
    • Creation of frontend design by the partner based reference design plans
      • Original design files will be handed over to the partner
      • This design is then modified and customized by the partner (optionally can be done with us)
    • System infrastructure setup, installation, configuration
      • Can happen independently and in parallel with development
      • Deployment of servers, databases, and services
    • Implementations based on the development documentation and milestones
      • Integration of frontend design
      • Implementation of core system modifications
      • Configuration and modification of the Smart Contract system
      • Custom developments and their integration
    • Payment based on completed and delivered milestones

Map Launch

  • Optional, creation and initiation of a White Listing campaign before map launch
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