Our vision is to build the largest sales, marketing and service platform for virtual businesses. Simultaneously we will be creating one of the most ambitious environmental projects ever.

In the near-future, virtual businesses will be thriving. We are dedicated to building a global virtual sales, marketing and service platform for these businesses. We will do this by focusing on making this solution mainstream, and also by bringing in as many real world businesses as possible.

Each of these virtual businesses will have a presence on multiple platforms such as Next Earth, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and other future virtual ecosystems. This is for spreading their products and services, in the same manner as normal businesses use Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other marketing platforms together.

The uniqueness of this project is achieved by using an already proven highly successful concept, but making it better with blockchain technology, thus creating more and better features, and also using it for a higher purpose. So that the whole community can enjoy the advantages of all of these features throughout all the phases of the entire project.

We believe in making the world a better place. But are also aware that people will be happy to get onboard this project if they can profit from it. So we are developing our ecosystem in such a way that Next Earth will not only be a very good business opportunity, with a transparent, and fair system, but also offer an appreciation towards the community as a whole.

Throughout the project, income from land purchases and other economic activities will have a special allocation, by which it will create a self catalyzing growth process. All features associated with Next Earth’s ecosystem, whether staking rewards, generating traffic with Referral codes or token burning, will be applied in a way to support every single process, and thereby make it stronger than in any other project seen so far.

A given percentage of all the transactions will be donated to support environmental projects. Next Earth will also create The Next Earth Foundation to give extra support and lead the way in how today's businesses should support our Planet. As time passes, the DeFi solutions of the whole system will be shifting more and more towards financing these projects, until it is fully dedicated to the greater goal of giving aid to our own planet.

This represents a perfect opportunity for the crypto community and for virtual businesses. Yet it’s also targeted towards targeting millions of people and businesses not yet familiar with blockchain technology. The whole ecosystem is built on land NFT's, made up of 10mX10m sized squares on a digital grid layer. These are linked to an exact copy of Planet Earth. The ecosystem building process will be divided into the following 4 phases:

phase 1


These 10mX10m sized land tiles (NFT's) can be purchased and traded. A given amount of money after each land purchase will be distributed throughout the system. These lands will carry many possibilities for their owners, from DeFi yield farming, through sales commissions, to high level token burning, and of course, the possibility of rising land values. The ownership of different types of land will be essential when Phase 2 starts.

phase 2


Land will start receiving resources. A global economy for crafting product NFTs will be built based on these resources. These can be sold, traded and manufactured into smaller or larger economic units by combining with other resources. This will lead to the formation of both global trade and production, and the finalized product NFTs will be essential in Phase 3. Community voting will set the rules for these resource allocations and methodologies. This DAO governance will also decide on a development strategy, as well as choose the different directions they would like to see Next Earth’s global ecosystem evolve toward.

phase 3


A Digital/VR ecosystem will be created and each Next Earth community member will receive their own avatar. Real life businesses will be funded inside Next Earth, and brought into this ecosystem from outside, leading Next Earth evolving into a virtual sales, marketing and service platform. These businesses will be able to enter the Next Earth ecosystem only if they purchase land and product NFTs forged here. In this virtual ecosystem, businesses will be able to reach out to users, and also profit from valuable, unique and much known locations, where they can set up their operations. For example, setting up your business in the White House, or the Sydney Opera House.

phase 4


After the ecosystem is fully built, charity will start taking over staking rewards, commission and token burning, and by the end of the project, the full self-functioning ecosystem will be supporting environmental charity purposes. Eventually turning Next Earth into one of the most ambitious environmental charity funding projects that has ever been created.

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