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At Next Earth, we offer extensive educational materials and experienced advice to help you start your journey in this new era of technology.

Simply join our community.

Our primary community space is on our Discord server, which already boasts over 70,000 users eagerly anticipating new developments and the excitement of a true crypto project's bull run.

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We also recommend registering on our website, where you can create your Next Earth profile. This profile will be crucial for your future presence in the Metaverse, serving as an NFT-based wallet and hosting your Meta Card, where your AI Avatar will be initially created.

Follow us on Socials

Be sure to follow us on various social media platforms. This is not only for the sake of information and community engagement, but also to participate in future activity-based quests for rewards.

Tier System

We monitor the involvement of individuals and companies in the Next Earth ecosystem using a blockchain-based tier system. It consists of five levels, each determined by the amount of Next Earth Land and NXTT (Next Earth Token)  owned. Your position in this tier system will influence your capabilities and potential for future harvesting.


In the Next Earth ecosystem, we have experience points known as units. These can be earned through various activities and used for extras or discounts within the ecosystem. Hint: A unit-based reward system is quite popular among our community members. You can accumulate a significant number of units simply by accessing your Next Earth account daily.