meet our team


Gabor Retfalvi


Born in 1985, Gabor is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building and managing successful businesses in multiple industries. He is the founder and CEO of Exit The Room, one of the market leader escape room chains with 80+ games in over 20 cities from 5 countries (US, UK, Germany, Hungary, Austria). During Covid, Exit The Room became the global leader in the online escape room industry space with a heavy focus on major brand company team building. He is also the founder and owner of Alkotas Utca, the leading sip and paint programme company in Hungary, and Badchicken VR, which is the number 1 VR multiplayer center in Budapest. He also has interest in the online retail segment, as he owns and directs a regional beauty and fragrances webshop group, containing 9 webshops, in 4 countries (Germany, Hungary, Austria and Romania)

He is hard working, and passionate about accomplishing the maximum that is necessary to grow a business opportunity.

Attila Fekecs

Sales/Marketing Director

Being born with a sense for sales, Attila has successfully established 3 businesses and exited from them. Having an infallible gut feeling for future trends in various industries, he's always securing the best position as early adopter when launching a project. With over 15 years in the entrepreneurial world, he's teamed up with Next Earth's CEO Gábor in numerous businesses. He started developing leadership and organizing skills while studying tourism, and later brought them to the next level by founding a thematic travel agency with a focus on a pioneering concept in transcontinental dental services.

He believes that it's not about inventing something new but rather about bringing an existing idea to fruition by learning from mistakes and adding the best knowledge and skills. That's exactly what he does as the Director of the sales/marketing team at Next Earth.

Mike Vitez

IT Director

Miklos launched his digital agency CodeCluster in 2016, with a focus on web and mobile applications. With over 60 successful software development projects, they have become partners of various SMEs, along with public administration and academia. The company has started to expand towards developing startups – now there are more than 200 in their incubation profile. Their main activity consists of sales-based support in business development through which they aim to take the whole innovation ecosystem to the next level. Creating added value for their partners entails addressing both operative and strategic levels. Being present in the EU, UK, China and Singapore, they plan to open their third office in the latter, with existing headquarters in Budapest and Berlin.

Building this group of corporations is rooted in Miklos having a deep conviction that innovations are worth supporting. Market experience, extensive professional networking, and business development knowledge – equipped with these, his main motivation is to help innovators and their inventions become viable entities in their relevant markets. He strongly believes in cooperation, the creation of mutual win-win situations, and that this approach is worth introducing in the business world.

Attila Kiraly

Lead Architect

Attila graduated as a mathematician, but used all the knowledge he gained there as a full-stack software engineer. Over the past 16 years, he has developed for many companies with a variety of technologies (from standard java, .net and frontend frameworks through AI technologies). He has worked for international projects, multinational companies, smaller businesses and also as a freelancer. His development knowledge has reached a level that he could make better use of it as a system designer and architect.

He thinks that the essence of work is learning, so he is presently engaged in new technologies like blockchain and it’s this hunger for knowledge that is best aided by his mathematical mindset.


Yaroslav Belkin

CEO & Founder at Belkin Marketing | Ex-Head of Digital at Cointelegraph and Ex-CMO of NewsBTC

Mr. Belkin focuses exclusively on Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies with extensive experience in Blockchain Marketing and PR. As a professional with a meticulous sense for details, he is well known in major US, European and Asian regions for his experience and success stories. He is regularly mentioned in crypto news media as one of the top experts in the blockchain space.
Yaroslav established his Marketing Agency as Founder & CEO in 2007. For the next 14 years, he added 97+ clients and 152+ projects for the world’s leading brands under his belt.
With his extensive experience in PR and GR, he chalked another milestone in 2016 with the Cointelegraph team where he worked as Head of Digital for Cointelegraph events and Chief Marketing Officer at NewsBTC Media Group.
He focuses exclusively on Digital Marketing and Marketing Strategies with extensive experience in DeFi & Token Sale Marketing and PR. As DeFi Advisor with a meticulous sense for details, he is well known in major US, European and Asian regions. He is regularly mentioned in crypto news media as one of the top providers of Crypto Marketing services.
While he has gained animosity with his no-holds-barred reviews as an ICOBench and Presale.Market Expert, Yaros welded close friendships with similar advocates for truth and transparency like Ameer Rosic, On Yavin and many more stalwarts of the blockchain and crypto community.

Frederik Bussler

pr and marketing

Frederik Bussler is a PR and marketing consultant with experience across a range of blockchain projects. As a public speaker, he has presented for audiences including IBM, Nikkei, Slush Tokyo, and the Chinese government, and is featured in outlets including Forbes, Yahoo, Thrive Global, European Commission sites, and more. On Medium and Hacker Noon, he is a top writer, having published hundreds of articles.

dr. Diana Mile

Legal Advisor

Dr Mile is both the founder and an attorney at Mile & Partners, Mile Law Office. She is an experienced senior attorney with more than 15 years of expertise in business and IT law, along with the developing fields of FinTech, blockchain and digital assets.
Diana is one of the first blockchain and cryptocurrency lawyers in Hungary, and a highly involved member of the Blockchain Hungary Association. She is a contributing party and co-editor of the ’Blockchain Regulatory Concept for Hungary’ document, prepared by the Association.
Diana has acted as a consultant for local and global technology companies, cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers, and helped to set-up a number of successful businesses. She has a broad knowledge of the different regulatory environments across the EU and the other relevant countries. She is also a lecturer across a broad field of legal tech themes in several blockchain focused educational courses and trainings.

core team

Gergely Vesszos

Chief Risk Officer

Starting in 2013 with a research paper on money laundering and related virtual currency usage, Gergely Vesszos arrived at the complex world of cryptocurrencies. As a cryptocurrency expert, he is very proud of the international training programs he was invited as a lecturer or a trainer. He is the co-author of Cepol’s step-by-step cryptocurrency handbook, and he also worked with the European Commission on the “Darkweb and Virtual Currencies Investigations” guide. He has written several studies on virtual currency regulation for European and non-European countries, and he is the co-author of the European Council’s Guide on Cryptocurrencies, published in the first quarter of 2021.

As chief risk officer (CRO) of the company, he is managing regulation, compliance and legal topics for the Next Earth project.


Blockchain Architec

Silur is a Cryptography, Blockchain and AI&Quantum Security Consultant. Not just any: he was an Ethereum Foundation contractor, researcher of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Wigner Physics Institute, researcher and developer in Casperlabs ($14million VC round), and co-founder of Qanplatform ($4million series A, $2.1million series B round). Participating in dozens of other dApps and blockchain applications and consulting gigs, he was an applicant for NIST Lightweight Encryption Standard, and a regular speaker at reputable blockchain/crypto events.
Besides working across all these fields as an independent expert, in the Next Earth team he is in charge of designing, implementing and auditing smart contracts, as well as managing full-stack web implementation of the dApp.
His goal is to be successful WITH his clients. Growth as a consultant is not something to be achieved alone. According to his professional credo, mercenaries can't bring success, so he only works on stuff where he finds fulfillment and joy in, and not least, only on projects that he’d invest money into himself.

Laszlo Bondici

Lead Mathematical Modelling Analyst

László has an M.Sc. degree in Quantitative Finance is now working on his doctoral thesis in the Applied Mathematics PhD program at Eötvös Loránd University.

His research area covers stochastic and analytical modelling. He contributed to the development of the Next Earth pricing mechanism: creating formulas from ideas, building, and testing the pricing model. His future involvement will cover mathematical development of DeFi solutions, tokenomics, the mathematical background of the economy building, and helping in developing the financial part of the Next Earth ecosystem.

He has a more than 5-year experience in teaching different courses from introductory to advanced level at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Eötvös József College for Advanced Studies, where he is the Head of the Business Economics Workshop. It helps him not only in expressing and communicating the ideas clearly but also formulating them in a rigorous way.

He is always curious and keen on learning new things but in his spare time he also likes doing some sports.

Gellert Kispal

Smart Contract Developer

Gellert started out as C# .NET Developer in Canada while working for the Agile Software Engineering Lab. Later in Germany, he moved on to developing VR applications in Unity, further strengthening his skills as a programmer. With cryptocurrencies having recently become his passion, he has started to discover and utilize new talents in building smart contracts and solidity-based applications.
One of his greatest professional achievements is building automation applications that saves more than 1000 working hours per year, by removing the necessity of human verification in the business processes.
He is passionate about high quality software development that makes a real impact on people's lives. That’s the spirit Next Earth needs, so Gellert joined the team as Smart Contract Developer. He is responsible for creating smart contracts that enable the sale and distribution of land and resources to prospective customers, charity organizations and stakeholders.

Andras Szommer

Lead Backend Architect

Beside Miklos, our IT Director, Andras is the Co-Founder of CodeCluster digital agency. He is leading Backend Architect of this constantly growing company, having operations in the EU, UK, China and Singapore. Utilizing his professional knowledge in various international projects, Andras worked on an American website builder platform where he was responsible for designing serverless backend architecture for the central innovation. Another main project of his is the planning and creation of a server infrastructure for a photo album scanning, managing and sharing database, having digitised over 40.000 photos from the 1920’s, with the contribution of a mentor network.
He is Next Earth’s leading Data Mining Consultant in the fields of detecting POI locations, database building and land pricing algorithms.
He is another maximalist on the team, always being in proactive mode. Not only is he a passionate and talented IT team leader, but also has a unique attention to detail.

Daniel Ban

Full Stack Engineer

Daniel is a Full Stack Engineer, helping projects to realize their potential by developing backend and frontend systems. He has profound knowledge in setting up customized CRM systems from scratch. Together with our IT Director Mike, Daniel started the constantly growing CodeCluster digital agency where he is Frontend Lead. They have operations in the EU, UK, China and Singapore. When working on an American website builder platform, he contributed to both designing and creating the system, while also developing UI and the rendering engine. Not only is he in charge of client management in most of his projects, but also he is an expert in site building – that’s why Next Earth wanted him on the team. Daniel is behind the usability of the platforms for our website’s users or the Citizens in our Metaverse. It’s in his capable and professionally competent hands for the design to become a palpable application that’s easy and fun to use. He is an absolute maximalist who intends to go beyond 100% in whatever he does. As a great problem solver with a wide perspective, he is willing to approach tasks in a holistic way and proactively improve processes focusing on the global interests of the project.

Soma Szelpal

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Having started his career as a Web Developer, Soma has dynamically developed his professional skills to become a Full Stack Architect, with a deep knowledge in different technologies and programming languages. After being Lead Developer at a worldwide recognised live video streaming company, he was requested to design and establish a brand new distributed live streaming system from scratch, based on microservice architecture using cutting-edge technologies. Soma contributed massively to the success of the company – the product became viable enough to go into production. Also, he was Lead Architect at a development company, managing a team of 4-6 people, building distributed SaaS platforms for their self-developed IoT hardware devices, along with toolchains for developers that support the workflow, all designed by him.
He is Next Earth’s Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, being in charge of designing and implementing fully automated CI/CD pipelines, as well as setting up and keeping services up and running in Kubernetes.
According to his philosophy, the devil is always hidden in the details. That’s why he is devotedly precise to always deliver the highest quality by using cutting-edge technologies.

Bence Gazder

Senior Infrastructure Consultant

Having studied Computer Engineering, Bence is currently working on IT projects across Europe. He has been building custom applications for more than 5 years now. He has experience with Linux systems, mainly Debian and Arch. Being a big fan of clustered and containerization systems (mainly docker and kubernetes), he advises the Next Earth team on architectural decisions while helping to smooth out the development. Bence is always on the hunt for new innovations and digital solutions to explore, and he is keen on keeping up with the latest technologies. Also, he is a devoted advocate for the usage of open source systems and standards.

Szilvia Konkolyi


Being an ambitious developer, Szilvia's fields of expertise span across automated software testing, iOS development in Swift, programming embedded systems in C and Golang, and also backend development in Node.js and Golang.
One of her recent successful projects was the development of an internally used iOS application with SwiftUI. It enables connection with IoT devices, so that they can be configured and inspected for development purposes (eg.: the app visualizes the incoming measurements on real time charts).
She is motivated by a sense of accomplishment. She is passionate about setting goals, and then solving problems within deadlines. Thankfully, Next Earth is a visually-heavy project, and Szilvia is driven by visible results. So when looking back, she can feel proud of her contribution.

Kristof Horn

Full Stack Developer

Kristóf is a full stack developer with a 5-year professional experience and a strong background in JavaScript. Comfortable with both front- and backend technologies, he particularly enjoys working with server-side tools like Node.js, Express. His passion lies in functional programming, RESTful & GraphQL APIs, Agile, and mastering new challenges. For him, each project is different and is full of challenges, but this results in his main driver: to be the one who finds the best possible solution. Because according to him, there is one for everything. Besides contributing to the creation of a metaverse, his biggest success so far was the front and backend execution of a vehicle mobile application.

Karoly Bodnar


Károly is an iOS developer with over 6 years of professional experience. At Next Earth, he utilizes his knowledge and skills acquired over this time. He contributed to numerous successful projects: he did data analysis and development of hardware and firmware systems, and also the enhancing of data quality by using neural grids for a smart parking and traffic detector project, along with an air quality meter system. Károly also developed a product reviewing tool.

Adam Dragus

Art Director

Freelance identity designer, bringing visions into reality with simple but effective designs, whilst relying on the evergreen principles of geometry. In the last 15 years, Adam was working on all kinds of design projects from print to digital. He spent six years in the events business, traveling around the world, creating visual assets for shows. During these six years, he realized that even though there are many miles between us, we are not at all that different. We all want the same. All around the world, people only want to realize their own dreams. That is why he became a freelancer, so he can look up these projects and provide the identity that they need, so vision can become reality. Next Earth is a great and exciting vision! That’s why he joined the project. He believes that the technology and the methodology behind Next Earth and Blockchain is the future and he wants to be part of the future!

Boglarka Lakos

Creative Director

Considering herself a Message Designer, Bogi's professional skills cover all areas of expressing a brand's essence in an impactful, witty and unique way. She does complex planning of communication strategies, with a focus on conveying real value. Her method is based on brainstorming bold ideas that result in brave concepts.

She is most passionate about complex storytelling: the perfect match-making of verbal structures and visual concepts. That's why, with a background in communications theory and media science, she broadened her creative and practical skills as a TV Journalist, whilst living in London. She has worked in news production, TV post production, and as an undercover reporter for a multi-award-winning leading British documentary company. Later being the creator of a cultural vlog and an award-winning viral video campaign, she has gained profound knowledge in the field of media. Embarking on new professional adventures, she went on to develop leadership skills across various fields – working in multinational companies' communication departments, training media volunteers for an NGO, and managing creative teams as an individual entrepreneur.

Whatever project she contributes to, her purpose is not to collect yet another reference, but to create compelling materials that become a preference to use.

David Balogh

Senior Marketing Manager

David has first bumped into the blockchain technology and crypto world while he was studying marketing management in Denmark and since then he’s become an enthusiast. In order to perfect his English and get familiar with other cultures he has travelled around the USA. Since communication and building partnerships have always been part of his life, by combining his education and work experiences, he has signed up more than 100 corporate partners from all over the world at his previous workplace - and now he’s here to strengthen the sales and marketing department of Next Earth.

Gabriella Reti

Senior International Marketing Manager

Gabriella has over 9 years of experience in the creative & marketing fields. Launching her career as an advertising graphic designer in 2012, only to then change her path to the wonderful world of marketing, she managed to build whole company images, brands and marketing strategies. These are mostly based on social media, graphic designing and community building. As a marketing specialist with a creative view, and as a dedicated enthusiast of developing herself in the fields she's working in, she's now a (humble and) proud member of Next Earth's proactive Team as a Senior International Marketing Manager in order to create value by working on various and colorful crypto-marketing challenges.

Kristof Elmer

International Marketing and Communication Manager

Kristof recognized that he wanted to start working as early as possible. He has worked for several types of companies, including local businesses, start-ups, law firms and multinational companies. Over the years, he has been able to test himself in many areas of businesses and now has a great sense of business acumen running through his veins. In the fields of marketing, sales and event organization, there are any number of projects, full-scale brand buildings, along with business planning and public relations projects attributed to him. In addition, he has also been responsible for conducting over 30 events. He has worked with domestic and foreign partners in several continents, including Europe, Asia and America. It has always been important to him to have a job where he sees the possibility of development, challenges or success. This is how he became acquainted with the crypto world and became a fan. He sees a huge opportunity in this project and this is what he and the team of Next Earth wants to show you.

Anyos Laza

Director of Community Management

Anyos is also known by the nickname of “Knowix” in gaming communities, as well as in our community. He has nearly 5 years of experience in competitive gaming. After retiring from competitive gaming, he launched his streaming career by streaming various games to his followers. In his stream he really likes to showcase his amazing gaming talents. He successfully built his own gaming community. During these years of streaming he gained a lot of experience in online marketing and in community management. In order to perfect his marketing skills he studied digital marketing in various universities. All this knowledge and experience, he will be bringing to the table in order to create the greatest community for Next Earth.

David Fodor

Email Marketing Specialist

Having launched his full scope marketing company during his university studies, David never ceases to go the extra mile in his work and has a unique attention to detail. His speciality lies in creating a unified online presence, from designing websites and back-end systems, to building engagement processes. After graduation, he discovered email marketing, the field he is most passionate about as it enables him to provide even more focused support for the brands he is working with. Using bespoke strategies and a meticulously established system in the background, he helps to build extensive email lists that are client-centric. At Next Earth, he is in charge of creating the systems serving email marketing purposes.

Bence Borbas

Marketing Campaign Developer

Being an experienced marketing manager and business developer, Bence co-founded a marketing agency where he helped SMEs to establish an effective online presence. Using his expertise, he supports brands by creating processes to gain the attention of relevant audiences. He strengthens the team by designing and executing email campaigns allowing the Next Earth mission can reach all the potential citizens of our metaverse. Bence believes in the importance of creating and spreading real value by corporate initiatives. He joined Next Earth where he can contribute to bringing environmental activism to the next level.

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