Next Earth


Smart contract based ecosystem with Initial Map Offering

Universal Grid Technology
with NFT based ownership
Fair Token Launch, with
tokens injected into map tiles

"Out of the box Web3 business solutions, in a box."

Smart Contract Based Ecosystem

We have equipped our smart contract-based economic structure with unique solutions that are unparalleled in the market. Our solutions are designed for both start-ups and already operating companies, who can thus utilize business solutions previously unknown to them.

Initial Map Offering

Our grid technology tied to NFT ownership that maps any interface, and the fair launch structure due to tokens injected into these NFTs and areas, is unique in the market.

Map Launch with Universal Grid Technology and NFT based ownership

Our grid technology can be used on any map or surface. From a world map, through Westeros, across game maps, a building's blueprint, a gold mine, or a football field, to any fictional surface or map, it can be integrated into anything.

This is a system that embodies and tracks fractionalized ownership based on NFT technology.

The project can offer land to its users while functioning as a reallocation system thanks to our smart contract ecosystem. A complete economic cycle, an internal ecosystem built on web3, all in a box.

Fair Token Launch

We distribute the tokens that operate the economy in a 100% fair way. All tokens are pre-minted and "injected" into the land. The tokens are received by the land buyers, there are no team tokens, or tokens that the project could use for anything else, thus there is no risk to token owners from the project, due to potential token sales. Perfect tokenomics and fair allocation, as the entire quantity of tokens is accessible to land buyers, proportional to the extent of their purchase.

Reallocation based on project performance

In exchange for the support, the project reallocates back to asset holders from its successful operation (aka. to the land and token owners). They are accounted for in a blockchain-based tier system, which also serves as the project's central community management software with analytics for redistribution, tracking activities, and creating campaigns.

Enter the next dimension of business!